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20/03/2017Cosmopack The Award 2017

Pink Frogs won the award Cormopack The Wall in 2017 in the category “Best Formula” with the product Sleeping Metallic Mask, an innovative and modern product with an appealing texture: indeed inside there is a vegetable polymer capable of creating a memory effect that adapts to the shape of the face and does not drip

11/06/2015Slow Factory Award

In the context of Slow Brand Festival, Pink Frogs won the Slow Factory Award for the Label Responsible Use.
After the Cosmopack The Wall Award, another inportant recognition for this innovative project.

20/03/2015Cosmopack The Wall Award

Pink Frogs won The Wall Cosmopack Award 2015 in the category Eco Beauty Contest for the creation of the first “Label Responsible Use”, which involves the consumer to a more responsible use of its cosmetic product.