SustainabilityEnvironment and sustainability: not just nice words

Sustainability for us is based on three fundamental principles: environmental protection, social responsibility and economical business development.

To live up to our mission and to claim authority in the field of environment and sustainability, we carry out preventive measures, monitoring and controlling of the impacts of our activities, aimed at the reduction and responsible use of resources in production processes. Our vision is to develop and produce cosmetics in compliance with these principles and to spread the culture of sustainability through all of our stakeholders. Our journey began some years ago with the “10 steps of Cosmetic Europe”, the signing of the Charter of Principles of Environmental Sustainability of Confindustria, the adherence to the voluntary program Responsible Care Federchimica and with the achievement of the ISO 14001 Environmental Certification.


Awareness makes the difference

Today we are able to assess the environmental impact of our production processes which allows us to achieve an “environment charter” of the cosmetic product through a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). But our biggest challenge is to involve the end user to a conscious use of the product they are buying. Indeed, we have created the “first label of responsible use” that allows you to know not only the impact that the manufacture of the cosmetic product has had on the environment, but also to assess how responsible behavior can affect the process of waste disposal of the product itself. This was possible thanks to the collaboration with accredited institutions that have allowed us to parameterize the various stages of use and disposal of different types of cosmetic products. Winner of Eco-Beauty Inspiration Award Cosmopacak The Wall 2015