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Continuous development between research and Beauty

Pinks Frogs is a cosmetic Production Company founded in 1979 as a consolidation of a family business founded in 1939. Cav. Mario Locatelli started the company, which bore his name and was dedicated to the production of hair products. An industry pioneer, Mario Locatelli was the first to produce a cold liquid permanent wave and the products were sold throughout Italy.
In the seventies, the company leadership is taken over by the son Roberto, who broadened the manufacturing activities of the Locatelli products to third party manufacturing: the era of industrialization on a larger scale had thus begun.

The origins of the «Pink Frogs»

Pink Frogs is a trademark created in the late seventies for a line of hair products. The bright colours, typical of the time, have created an extravagant symbol chosen specifically as a distinctive element of those years. Later the pink coloured frogs disappeared from the logo, but the name Pink Frogs remained.



PinkFrogs today
Our challenge is your success

1996: The third generation takes over It’s a new turning point for the company: with the arrival of Matteo Locatelli, biologist, a new chapter of history begins. The staff of the Laboratory is enhanced by creating an R & D division, greatly increasing productive capacity; sales are also conquered abroad. Pink Frogs becomes an important point of reference for the biggest brands in the cosmetics market in every distribution channel.

For over 35 years we formulating and producing modern and effective cosmetics with high standards of quality, safety and respect for the environment. The production is exclusively for third parties: cleansing preparations, skin care, hair care, toiletries and fragrances; for all distribution channels: Large Scale Retailers, Pharmacy, Perfumery, Professional Cosmetics for Aestheticians, Herbalist, Hairdressers and Selective Niche Markets. We offer our customers complete service: identification and positioning of the new products in the markets, supporting them in achieving their success. From pack research to the creation and launch of a product, we are able to guarantee a full service. We develop high quality formulas with the latest in active ingredients. To support an increasingly “green philosophy” oriented market demand, we manufacture products with the most sustainable processes, natural ingredients and actives and that are more sustainable. Pink Frogs Cosmetics is a well-established and recognized reality on both domestic and international markets thanks to the cooperation with the biggest brands in the industry. Even today our business is constantly changing, with the passage of time we have gained experience and savoir-faire.
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About us

“Pink Frogs is a company recognized in the world of cosmetics manufacturer and  its products are distributed in every channel of the cosmetic industry. “

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“The manufacturer or brand, relies more willingly the manufacturing of its product to the contractor proves that, like Pink Frogs, is also the forefront in terms of adherence to quality standards. “

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“The manufacturing product Group  of Cosmetica Italia has never stopped growing. The reasons? Quality excellence and strong propensity abroad. In addition to creative flexibility, typical of Made in Italy. By Matteo Locatelli. “

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